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Jealous family dog kills twin baby who was given birth to after 9 years without a kid

A Brazilian woman has suffered the biggest heartbreak in her life after her twin daughters were killed by their jealous family dog.

The lady identified as Eliane Novais who happens to be 29-year-old was having a chat with her neighbor just around the balcony of her home while the children where sleeping in the bedroom. She heard a loud scream from her children and immediately rush downed to the room only to discover that the children have been brutally bitten by the dog.

Hurriedly, she called a nurse who rushed in to give first aid treatment to the children, she declared one dead immediately and was attending to the other who was later transferred to the hospital where she suffered a cardiac arrest and later died.

An investigation from one of the family member state that the dog has not been getting the attention he wants from any of the family members since the arrival of the babies and was in a very jealous state.

See photos below;

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