“I want a husband, I’m tired of telling 20 guys how my day went” – Lady cries out

A Twitter slay mama Funmi has confessed to getting tired of chewing gum guys coming after her with irrelevant questions when she is in serious need of a husband.

The lady who said she does not only need a serious relationship but a man that will take her home to show her to his mama. But is worried that most of guys coming to her are those in their 20s.

Most young guys are believed to be rich even though they acquire their money through illegitimate means.

Oluwafunmilayo says all she wants is a husband that can provide her with a peace of mind but 20 guys are the Hushpuppi’s kind of person. “Some of us want peace and person like hushpuppi can’t give peace”

Asked if she is joking or serious about her declaration, she insisted that she is very serious and need some one that would also take her serious.

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