I specialize in picking pockets, their is no one pocket I cannot pick – Suspect brags (Video)

The Lagos State Police command has paraded two criminals who specializes in pick pocketing during holdup in extremely busy roads.

The criminals were caught after a series of follow up by men of the Nigerian police. They’ve been suspected for quite some time after they were continuously seen in major roads when they are blocked in hold-ups.

Given a chance to give an insight on how they operate, the first suspect said they worked with traffic lights, when the traffic light says stop, they move to a car with a phone on sight, move to the part where the driver won’t suspect and take out the phone very fast. He said he was caught when the police saw an iPhone X on him.

On the other hand, the second suspect said he specializes in picking pocket and their is no place he can’t pick pocket and their is no one’s pocket he cannot pick.

They were paraded and would be detained.

Watch video below;

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