“I can’t kill myself’ – Nigerian lady unable to use Fork and Knife eats with her bare hands in a foreign restaurant (Video)

A young Nigerian lady after being unable to use her cutleries to eat her meal has summoned the courage to abandon her fork and Knife to make use of her bare hands which she seems used too and more comfortable with.

The video of the young girl eating with her bare hands in a foreign restaurant after making unsuccessful attempts to use fork and knife has gone viral since the time it was shared on social media.

The Nigerian lady’s name is yet to be identified at the filing of this report.

In these days and times where it is in the habit of Nigerian girls to always want to outdo each other in all in the bid to replicate the ways of the westerner. Forget table manners, this girl deserves some accolades for such “bravery” and “confidence”. After all, she wouldn’t go hungry all in the name of trying to act civilized and “Posh”.

Watch video below;

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