Christian man converts to Muslim after he discovered all passengers in the ship conducting prayers

Some passengers have been found performing prayer in the yacht, setting off their first stop to perform prayer before the ship kick off, at the coast of Taraba to Cameroon.

As a result of this, a Christian passenger named Daniel Itakpe, from Jukun tribe, was found to be the only non-Muslim passenger in the boat, as everyone got up and performed prayers inside without any misunderstanding.

Daniel Itakpe was immediately surprised to find that everyone involved in prayer quietly and quietly sought, he asked them if they will allow him to join their religion.

Then he began to worry about his religion, having spent more than 40 years never praying, but then in the middle of the afternoon he saw that he was amongst the people conducting the prayer, And he was the only one who did not conduct the prayer.

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Finally, Daniel said that he would become a Muslim, and the rest of the Muslims in the ship began to be happy because of this.

Immediately he accepted Islam, from the imam who led the prayers in the boat, and he chose to be named Musa.

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