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14-year-old girl who was impregnated by her 10-year-old boyfriend rushed to the hospital

The news of a high-school girl who claimed that her 10 year-old male friend impregnated her went viral last year.

Darya sudnishnikova, a Russian mother-to-be, was 13 year-old when she appeared on a prime time TV show and claimed her friend Ivan, a 10 year-old boy was the father of her unborn child.

The prepubescent friend lives in the neighborhood with Darya.

The Russian teenager was 13 when she was pregnant.

The news came last November as rather shocking and most people wondered how a 10 year-old boy could impregnate her. She later owned up that she was raped by a 16-year-old boy and had been too ashamed to say.

Despite this, Ivan, also called Vanya, has determined to raise the baby ( which scan shows to be a girl) with Darya.

Darya, who is now 14, has become a public figure and a social media star in her town with a quarter of a million following her through pregnancy.

She’s concerned of giving birth prematurely and claims she’s more afraid than ever. She was rushed to the hospital few days ago for the fear of premature contractions due to her young womb.

She has had cardiotocography done on her to check for fetal heart rate.

Some people claim she’s indulging her in fresh strawberries and cream in a nuclear town closed by.

She told followers: “Honestly, I am afraid to give birth. What pain there will be … And painful contractions.”

She has previously said she is likely to have a Caesarean section due to the envisaged pain. The could lead to subsequent pregnancies being delivered through CS

She also posted: “I was told that I will not hang on until August, but I will try my best for the baby to be full-term.

I am more afraid than ever she betoned

“I’m scared to even get out of bed, you never know what can happen and I may give birth. This is due to my inexperience as a mother.

“I was forbidden to go out.

“It’s impossible even to go to the canteen, since it is a long way from the ward, and they bring food to me.”

Darya said pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, heartburn , stretch marks, frequency and constipation were pronounced in her

The weight gain was “just terrible” – “I walk like a bear…. It has become very difficult to walk.”

The police has agreed to have a DNA test being done to ascertain the full identity of the rapist.

She described the rapist as being tall and fat and scary to approach.

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