Student of Nasarawa State school of Nursing suspended for writing open letter to Nasarawa State Governor

Xulaihat Doma, a student of the Nasarawa State School Of Nursing And Midwifery were suspended by her school management for writing an open letter to the state Governor calling his attention to the neglected state of the institution. (Nasarawa State School Of Nursing and Midwifery, Lafia). According to report, the open letter she wrote were posted on Facebook in April and despite the school management forcing her to write an apology letter which she did, they still went ahead to suspend her.

This poor girl could have sorted for other uncivilized way to register her complain, but she chose the path of dialogue (letter). What message is the management passing to other students? To resort to riot to register their grudge or complain?

First I believe we are in a democracy and everyone has a right to speak on any issue. There is no bylaw/Rules or Regulations or nursing ethics in the school that prohibits students from peacefully registering their complaint to Government or constituted authorities on any matter.

Even if such prohibition exist therein the corresponding punishment shouldn’t be Demotion/suspension.

At least there should be a room for warning before taking a severe action on a student.

Screenshot of the open letter:

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