Reactions as Police heavily guard a spoilt Rolls Royce worth N213million on the street of Lagos

Pictures have emerged of a Rolls Royce car that is broken down in Lagos being heavily guarded by the men of the Nigerian police.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan which is said to be worth in the region of 213 million naira was parked along the road on Alexander Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State. It was reported that the exotic vehicle which is one of the world’s most expensive cars has been parking there for the past 2 days.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, the owner of the expensive Rolls Royce Cullinan had Policemen heavily guard the car. Leaving people amazed and amused. At least four policemen were seen stationed not far from the spot of the broken down Rolls Royce in a Toyota Hilux which is the Nigeria police officer patrol vehicle.

According to the Twitter user with username @Iam_bussie who shared the pictures on Twitter “This is a RRoyce Cullinan (N213,000,000) parked on Alexander Road Ikoyi for at least 2 days Obviously broken down. But if you look closely to the right, there is a HiLux vehicle with 4 mobile policemen. They have been there with the Cullinan. Una see say this life no balance!”

Many Twitter users reacted to the picture with some wondering why the police should be giving more attention to a broken down car than to Nigerians. Some others wondered why a car worth 213 million naira would be breaking down in the first place.

The Nigerian police swore as part of their duties to protect lives and properties, so protecting an expensive vehicle can be said to be part of their job, but apparently, human beings are not being protected as much.

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