‘Portuguese Hushpuppi’ Football banters return as Nigerians react after C. Ronaldo loses penalty to AC Milan

Recall that Cristiano Ronaldo lost a penalty when Juventus played against AC Milan on Friday in the second leg of the Italian Super Cup semifinal

However, Nigerians who are known to take side between him and his arch rival from Barcelona, Lionel Messi have also returned with their banters.

After Ronaldo lost the penalty kick, Nigerians took to social media to refer to him as the ‘Portuguese Hushpuppi’ as a result of the fact that he is from Portugal and because of his wealth and riches.

Recall that Ronaldo was just named the first football Billionaire ever, according to Forbes.

This also concise with the same week the real Hushpuppi was reported to have been arrested in Dubai by the Interpol in fraud related cases.

See some of Nigerians reactions following the penalty kicked lost by Ronaldo;



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