My mansion in hellfire is under massive construction – Angela Nwosu

Angela Nwosu popularly known as digital Ogbanje has become a household name in Nigeria. She has garnered to herself over two hundred thousand followers on Facebook because of how generous she is.

She gifts her fans stuff ranging from cash, phones, clothes, travel packages and so much more. As such, many people peg on her page waiting for giveaways which she does on a daily.

She claims to have been bless with spiritual gift that can turn your negative vibes to positive one. She has her massive followers both on Instagram and Facebook who always rain praises on her and also wish to be like her.

Angela Nwosu has made a recent controversial post. She said she that when she remembers that she will not make heaven, she is so happy and that her mansion in hellfire is undergoing massive construction. Imagine when people are praying not to end up on hellfire, others already know their eternal destination.

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