Lady cries out after being assaulted by task force officials enforcing lockdown in Ogun State (video)

According to her narration, she said;

“This afternoon, on my way to #justritestoresin Ojodu to buy a bicycle for my daughter whose 7th birthday is in 2 weeks, we were stopped at the intersection between Lagos and Ogun State (which isn’t properly marked) by #ogunstatetaskforce officials who informed us that there was total lockdown in #ogunstate during weekends and since we were in their territory, we had to get a pass from their local government office which is about 3 minutes away.

They seized my husband’s ID card and requested that we drive them to the office. We refused to pick them in the car because of the #covid19 situation and they got really upset. I agreed to walk with the official while my husband drove behind us to their office.

When we arrived, we were handed over to the man in the video who told us we would pay a fine of N15000.00 for disobeying the lockdown that was in place. We explained that we didn’t live in Ogun State and weren’t aware of the lockdown and asked to be pardoned so we could go home.

I started recording because I saw that my pleas were falling on deaf ears while the officer called a guy to deflate our tyres. While recording, the man began to beat me.

I am calling on #ogunstategovernor #DapoAbiodun and other government agencies to see what the officials they have put in the office are treating citizens.

The man beat me, kicked me, pushed me and punched me because of N15,000.”

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