I’m an Igbo man, you can’t deny me my Igbo inheritance – Rotimi Ameachi warns

The former governor of Rivers State made this remark during a Channels Television ‘State of the Nation’ Programme, while responding to statement accredited to the Senate Minority leader, Enyinnanya Abaribe.

It was earlier reported that Abaribe had accused the federal government of marginalizing the South East region in the major economic development in the country, in view of series of loans by the federal authorities in executing ongoing infrastructures in the Northern region.

Reacting to the assertion, Amaechi denied leaving the South East out of Nigeria’s economic growth.

Here’s what he said;

“There is no way apart from politics anybody can try to say that Igbos were excluded. And I made it clear when I appeared before the senate that it is important that, senator Abaribe does not deny me my Igbo heritage.”

Amaechi also noted that going by his Igbo heritage, he can not be in a position to support that his brothers be denied of such opportunities despite the danger of regional politics.

“As an Igbo man, I can’t sit down there, if you want to be sectional or ethnical, the right to be transported,” he added.

Acknowledging that Igbos contributes hugely to the development of the country, he said;

“By the way, politics is not about ethnic sections, it is about the economy and you can’t deny Igbos contribute tremendously to the economic growth of Nigeria. So, if you leave them out what are you trying to achieve, you don’t play politics with the economy.

“You will rather grow poverty instead of growing wealth, therefore they are not left out.”

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