How Gideon Akaluka was beheaded after his wife used Quran as tissue paper

Today, we bring you the untold story of Gideon Akaluka, a young Igbo trader who was accused of desecrating the holy Koran.

Akaluka was brought to the police station in December after his wife allegedly used some pages of the Koran as toilet paper for her baby. Sadly,after he was imprisoned by the police,an unfortunate incident happened, a group of Muslims broke into the jail, killed him, and walked around the city parading his severed head.

But Akaluka’s lawyer said he had obtained substantial evidence which proved that his client was not at the compound at the time and that the woman allegedly guilty of the supposed blasphemy was not his wife. No one has been arrested for Akaluka’s murder up till now. This unfortunate incident happened in Kano state.

A former presidential candidate, Maitama Sule, said if tension were not reduced “we may end up with a revolution which is just not religious, but may be political, social and economic. It is a group of disgruntled elements who are out to vent their anger who are joined by some irresponsible, undesirable waste products of humanity.”

The history of Kano is rich in Islamic customs,norms and traditions. Ali Yajib Tsamia was one of the first rulers to convert, in the 14th century. But his was largely a palace religion, with the great mass of people, even those living inside the city walls, 12 miles of thick embankments 30ft to 50ft high, left untouched by the teachings of the Koran. By the closing decades of the 15th century, all the major rulers in the Sahelian belt were Muslims and some had gone as far as making ties with North African and Egyptian scholars.

According to Nigerian history,when the Muslim scholar Usman dan Fodio launched the Islamic Jihad in the 19th century, Kano was however integrated into the Sokoto Caliphate which had autonomy over the north-western Nigeria before the Advent of Frederick Lugard with his West African Frontier Force in 1903. Since Nigeria’s independence from Britain in 1960, the state was declared secular, and Christianity has been making inroads into the north till date.

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