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“How come no pastor predicted this year?”- Anita Joseph asks

Anita Joseph, popular actress, and wife to Micheal Fisayo Olagunji, better known as MC Fish has asked why no Nigerian pastor predicted this year’s troubles. This she asked in a recent post of hers on Instagram.

She wrote:  How come no pastor Predicted this year CHEWENTHY CHEWENTHY because awotarom zim “ What’s really going on though 🙈 Heal the WORLD LORD “

A fan in reply to the question told her she was saying nonsense as there were still real men of God and asked her if she reads her Bible at all.

Surprisingly in reply, Anita just told her sure, not paying attention to the manner she answered her.

Another one told her that a pastor said something about it, according to her, the said pastor said this year would be like a convulsing baby, another supported by saying she watched it too but wasn’t happy with all that they were saying but became shocked when no one understood.

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