FG mention the States that will enjoy 18-24 hours power supply in Nigeria

As it was announced, prior to the Presidential Broadcast today, by the Minister of Power, Sale Hamman, during an interview on the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, that Nigerians will soon have stable electricity supply for 18-24 hours a day, the President has given more information on the places where the power transmission rehabilitation and expansion program will be done in Nigeria.

The President says in his speech: “The Power Sector remains very critical to meeting our industrial development aspirations and we are currently tackling the challenges that still exist in the delivery of power through different strategies”.

Nigeria operates under a 330KVA before which has now been upgraded under the administration of President, Muhammadu Buhari. It is now operating under the highest voltage in the country.

The Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Project will be carried out in the following places.

For the South Western part of the Country, the expansion project will only be done in Lagos/ Ogun.

The Power Station in Alaoji to Onitsha, the Delta Power Station to Benin and Kadunna to Kano will all be optimized.

Also 330kv to DC 62km line between Birnin Kebbi and Kamba will be rehabilitated and improved.

Lastly, the project will also proceed in the Abuja Transmission Ring scheme and the Northern Corridor transmission.

This will bring about a gigantic change in the industrial aspect of Nigeria. It will tremendously aid the livelihoods of many Nigerians and many Nigerian Businesses will be affected for the better. Stable electricity will aid so many positive things in the country ranging for more job creations and more online creativity by youths.

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