Bride runs mad after an attack by an “evil ghost” in her traditional marriage

Photos appeared on social media, showing that a young woman in Masaka, Uganda was brutally attacked by the “evil ghost” on the traditional wedding day and surprised the guests and stripped herself.

According to multiple online reports, her close relatives revealed that it was pure witchcraft for her stepmother, and she never wanted her to marry the rich.

The step mother has great jealous for her since she don’t have a daughter as own child. She has always want destroy her life. What the stepmother most is that she now what to marry a very rich and influential westhy man.

People in the community has always known the step mother to be a witch and they fear her so much. She has committed many atrocities and harm many life in the community.

Her wickedness is known to all. She had great hatred for her step daughter in so much they don’t see eyeballs to eyeballs. She has always want the down fall of her step daughter. The most happy day of her step daughter life is when she chooses to punish her by making her run mad.

See more photos below:

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