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Actor Williams Uchemba adopts 18-year-old carpenter as his son (Photos)

Our actors are not only entertaining us, some of them are great philanthropists who have gone a long way in helping the needy and the less privileges. Some have gone as far as adopting children from poor background just to help them through life. Actor Williams Uchemba is one of such people who we have seen severally on videos and photos extending helping hands to the poor. He has donated a lot of gifts to people who needed them.

Today, he posted something that touched my heart. The post which has generated a lot of praises and prayers for him. The below photo is that of the actor and a carpenter whom he met some days ago at a furniture shop. He gave his name as Demola. Demola is 18 years old. He has finished his secondary school with good grades but could not go to the university due to lack of a sponsor. Williams Uchemba had a discussion with him and then found out that the young man has the intention of reading Economis as a course in the University but has no sponsor.

Today, actor Uchemba has decided not only to sponsor him through education but he has also adopted him as his new son.

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