70-year-old woman paraded by villagers for defiling her late husband bed with younger lover (Photos)

The photos of a Seventy (70) years old woman who is being paraded by the villagers hit the internet few minutes ago, for defiling her late husband’s bed with her younger lover.

They were caught in the act, as alarm was raised that warranted the youths of the area to parade them in a broad day light.

The village head made it clear that there wouldn’t have been a problem ,if she had done it at other locations. That she aught to have respected her late husband’s memories, that by that act she has broken their lay down rule and as such most cleans the village by allowing her self to be paraded alongside with her lover,for them to be free from the curse as well as serve as lesson to others who may want to indulge in such act in future.

Meanwhile, the woman and her lover have apologized, that it was the devil that led them to the act as they were carried away.

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