4 villagers chase cheetahs eating their goats and captured the cheetahs unharmed

On a hot summer in 2013, four villagers set out on a hunt of cheetahs who had been killing livestock in near Wajir town.

Nur Osman Hassan, the angered victim of the predators called on the young men to track the cheetah down.

“I was sipping a cup of tea when I saw them killing another goat,” he narrated to BBC, explaining that this was early in the morning.

He then waited till the sun was high up in the sky to organise a pursuit. The group of young men set out and chased the animals who then escaped.

Unrelenting, they followed the cheetahs for over 6.4km. The cheetahs got so exhausted and couldn’t run anymore.

They then rounded them up alive and handed them over to KWS officers and demanded compensation.

“I need compensation from them because the cheetahs killed most of my goats.

“These cheetahs killed 15 of my goats – they were coming to my house daily to kill my goats,” Nur Osman Hassan told BBC Somali Service.

A fun fact about cheetahs is that they reach a top speed anywhere in between 96kph and 122kph depending on its body size.

However, the interesting thing is that cheetahs can only run that fast for 20 to 30 seconds span. The captors knew this fact and took advantage that the sprinters cannot sustain their high speed for long duration.

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