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White woman dies after summoning an African spirit with Voodoo, despite being warned

White woman dies mysteriously after summoning an African spirit with voodoo, despite being warned (scary story)

A white woman mysteriously died after ignoring social media warnings when she revealed her plans to engage in voodoo and to summon an African spirit called Papa Legba.

Katelyn “Kat” Restin, a 19-year-old Virginia woman, was found dead after allegedly drowning in a bathtub, according to one of her friends. People blame her death for practicing Haitian Vodou spells.

Restin died two days after claiming to have apparently seen Papa Legba after a summoning spell warned her not to try.

Papa Legba is one of the most famous figures in African spirituality. It serves as an intermediary between man and the spirit world. Several films were made about him, including the American horror story “Coven”.

Kat Restin was part of a social media group that did spells, and one day she decided to play voodoo.

Twitter and Facebook users warned her not to try, but she insisted, saying that anyone should practice the spirituality they want to practice.

She added, “Shut up and let me be.”

Some of her friends also defended her decision.

Three weeks after the post and other posts where she practices voodoo, she wrote that she saw Papa Legba. She added that she was “scared”.

Unfortunately, Kat Restin died two days later.

Someone in their group claiming to be communicating with the spirits said they were reading about the late Kat Restin and it wasn’t Papa Legba that she saw but another feared ghost, Baron Samedi.

Friends have gone to Twitter and Facebook to mourn Restin’s death. However, some said that she doesn’t deserve pity.

Restin’s obituary says that the cause of her death was sudden.

The obituary reads: “Katelyn is survived by her daughter Aaliyah Hope Restin, mother Terry Restin, father John Restin, brothers Kevin and Ryan (Blakely) Restin; Aunts, Margaret Volk, Mary (Rick) Page, Betty (Joe) Aukward; Uncle Eric (Susan) Restin and many cousins ​​and other relatives whom she loved and deeply touched. ”

The family has set up a GoFundMe for Katelyn’s death.

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