Whatever help, support or charitable giving you are doing, don’t visit Ikorodu – Lady warns after all the items she carried to Ikorodu to distribute were looted (Video)

A twitter user identified as @bimbo_cash has recounts her ordeal as she warns Nigerian good Samaritans to never visit Ikorodu to give help.

According to Bimbo, she had gone there to distribute items to the needy in this pandemic, but she was attacked and almost got robbed. The driver with her wasn’t so lucky, he lost his new phone and everything they went with were stolen without distribution.

Explaining her ordeal on twitter, Bimbo calls it simply robbery and far from being hungry.

“Whatever help, support , relief and or charitable giving you are doing, Don’t visit Ikorodu. They are terrible people. They are broad day light looters. 150 cartons of Noodles , 150 crates of eggs, 150 satchets of Semolina looted. This is not hunger, This is stealing”

“She even tried stealing my hand bag. Volunteers bags gone , Driver’s new phone also gone . This is greed, this is robbery , this is not hunger. They are Thieves.”

See video below;

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