“We already have 4 girls” – Man arrested for slamming his new born baby on the floor because he was expecting a boy and got a girl

Ezekiel Anorue, a 49 year old man was arrested by the Imo state police command and faces charges of homicide which attracts as high as life imprisonment if tried and found guilty. The man slammed a new born baby on the floor after discovering his wife gave birth to a female. Ezekiel was arrested after the wife raised alarm when she discovered the infant stopped breathing immediately after the father hit her on the floor. It was reported that the suspect was angry that the wife lied to him about the gender of the new baby that it would be a male.

The woman who spoke heavily tearing explained that she had to lie that she would have a male child because she was under serious threat after her third and forth female children.

Ezekiel, however confessed saying, “I truly don’t understand what came over me, I was angry I threw the infant on the floor”, he further explained that his wife told him the result of the scam revealed it would be a boy and he had already renovated the house but found out it was a girl when he got him.

“we already have four female”

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