Real men don’t do DNA test; if your wife brings in another man’s child, be a man and take care of the child – Lady says

DNA test have revealed alot in families. Men now carry out DNA for their children without the knowlegde of their wives. This has caused problems in families. Some men would discover some of their children are not theirs. Some results will indicate that the children are theirs, but when their wives get informed of the test, problem of trust develop.

A lady came online to insult men that go for DNA test. Calling them scum. Advising men to accept any child their wife brings into the home even if the child is not theirs. See her comment below;

“Only cowards do DNA tests. Real men don’t do DNA test. Real Men trust their wife’s no matter what happens.

Also, what if they switched the babies in the hospital by mistake???? Men are scum and will forever be scum.

I don’t pity any of these men coming here to cry to Joro that their child is not for them. Don’t these men cheat too ? If men could get pregnant I’m sure men will be having twins sef. As the feminist I find these men very appealing and hypocritical.

If your wife cheated on you you must have done something wrong. Maybe you were not giving her enough attention and money. If your wife brings another child, be a man and take care of that child.”

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