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Naira Marley turns pastor, give four reasns for entering hell fire

Of recent, we all noticed that the president of the Marlians, Naira Marley has changed in the ways of talking on social media since the ramadan fast started.

Although the singer is the Marlain‘s leader, and he has been preaching about the word since the beginning of this ramadan and most of the muslims are really proud of him

Indeed it came as a surprise to the marlians and all nairamarley fans as he gave four concrete reasons that might stop a man from entering and then leading him or her to hell fire.

In his tweet, he said;

Four reasons for entering hell fire

  1.  -Not offering Salah

  2. -Not feeding the poor

  3. -Idle talk, backbiting, lying, speaking without knowledge

  4. -Denying the day of resurrection

See screenshot below;

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