Meet the RCCG pastor who has 6 PhD, 4 masters and 4 first degrees

The Assistant General Overseer of the RCCG who doubles as the pastor of Region 1, Pastor Funsho Odesola, is the one with this enviable feats having bagged 6 Ph.D, 4 Masters and 4 first degree.

He is not only hard-working, his insatiable quest for knowledge in all spheres spurred his interest to achieve this before even clocking 60 years of age.

He assumed he don’t think he knows anything. What stirred his interest in academics is just that the level that he did not know nothing.

While speaking on this on his birthday a year ago, he said, “To be frank with you, I thank God I have not done anything. I have not seen God raise the dead through me. But I have seen our Daddy in the Lord, Pastor Adeboye, raise the dead. It is not fiction. What stirs my reading is the fact that I don’t know. The youths of my parish and my family have held meetings over me saying that I am over-challenging them and I said ‘no, I am only challenging myself because I don’t know anything’. I have just finished my 6th PhD but I am doing two studies now. It is this insatiable and restlessness that I don’t know anything that is pushing me.”

He has a Bachelors’ Degree in Christian Education, Theology, Musicology, and Master’s in Communication, Christian Education, Cultural Anthropology Study and Law. I have Doctoral Degrees in Theology, Christian Education, Business Administration, Law, and Cultural Anthropology with 40 different fellowships. He has also authored 150 books.

The place of knowledge for ministers of God cannot be over-emphasised. Everyone that knows will control those that don’t know. If you are not informed, you will be deformed

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