Marriage is not for broke guys; Please don’t marry me if you can’t boost of N1million after our wedding – Lady says

A lady identified as Timmie on Twitter has come up to throw some shades on guys who may want to marry as broke guys. Timmie who was serious about her claim got serious comment attacks from guys on her tweet.

Timmie in her tweet advised broke people not to get married saying if a guy is not capable of having at least one million Naira as his account balance after marriage, he shouldn’t think of getting married, instead he should be praying. I now ask myself, must one have up to three million Naira before getting married?? Where is her philosophy coming from?.

To me, I think she is trying to discourage guys from getting married with the little they have. Let me now put it before you guys; what do you think about her philosophy?? Do you think she is right?? I know there are lot of guys out there who are yet to get married and those guys are looking up to an opportunity to handle a reasonable sum of money to start up the process. Therefore your comment and Advice will help such people.

See her tweet below;

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