I’ve been single for 10 years now, is it because I’m ugly? – Lady ask

A lady on twitter that goes by the name @badkitty__ has taken to the app to ask a surprising question.

The lady claimed that she has been single for the past 10 years and she wanted to know if it was because she’s ugly.

There is random fact that ‘pretty girls are the most lonely girls.’ This is a confirmation to that fact. Most times guys assume that because a girl is pretty, she definitely has a lot of ‘toasters’ and as so she can’t be single.

My advice to fine girls is that they should learn to shoot their shot. If not___😂

See her post below:-

Well, judging from her photos, I don’t really see anything ugly in her look. Or are my eyes deceiving? I don’t really think so.

See more photos of the lady below:-

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