I impregnated my best friend’s daughter as revenge for going out with my wife – Man claims (Nigerians react)

A photo post made by Emmanuel Okon on a Facebook group called “ESTEEMED MINGLERS” got users talking.

This post reveals an unnamed 35-year-old man who discovered that his 45-year-old Best friend has been going out with his 25-year-old wife whom both of them had married last year.

As it looks, the man discovered that his best friend has been having canal knowledge of his wife, but you decided to man up and pretend.

So in a bid to pay back, he had to track his friend’s 19-year-old daughter to the university she was attending. On getting to identify her, he had to ask her out and lure her into dating him.

What happened is that the man has been sleeping with his best friend’s daughter without protection and as he revealed further, the girl is pregnant.

What he says he now wants is for his friend to discover, so that they make an exchange. His wife for the man’s daughter.

Read below;

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