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I became a b!tch in SS1 – Crossdresser, James Brown


Fast rising cross-dresser, James Brown has opened up on his past as he claimed he became a b!tch in his early stage.

James Brown is gradually become one of the most dramatic personality on social media and this has been part of his lifestyle ever since he was in secondary school

The popular cross-dresser revealed some in-depth secrets about his past, revealing how he was bullied in school and the steps he took in conquering it.

According to James, he was bullied at his early stage in school by friends who taught they could get things done their way however he summoned courage when he was promoted to SS1 and became a bitch who started bullying others.

James Brown who was so emotional about the rate at which young adults get bullied, encouraged them to summon courage and be brave so as to put an end to such action.

Watch video of James Brown narrating his ordeal with bullies below ;

James Brown who is popularly known by some fans as ‘They didn’t caught me’ have been vying hard to create a brand for himself in the entertainment industry that is dominated by Bobrisky.

Bobrisky have in the past warn all upcoming cross-dresser’s like James

Brown and Jay Boogie that his throne as number one in the business in not up for grabs.

Despite Bobrisky’s dominance, he has also been recognized by some brands, as he has been advertising for them as well as making his Nollywood debut some months ago.

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