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Ghanaian internet sensation, Shatta Bundle shows of his new super beautiful girlfriend (Photos)

Shatta Bundle is a social media actor from Ghana. In 2019, he became very popular in Nigeria, South Africa , and Ghana. He is currently one of the newest internet sensations in Ghana after a video of him claiming to be richer than the richest man in Africa(Dangote), started circulating. He was featured in a music video by Rudeboy in 2019 titled “Audio Money”. He can’t communicate well in English, speaks Dagbani, his mother’s tongue language.

He is majorly mocked for his inability and height. However, the internet sensation is here to prove his wrong, proving that “life is all about the money”

Shatta Bundle has boasted to his followers that women want him more than most of them(followers) who claim to be handsome, despite his lost teeth, not being able to speak English fluently, and height. He claims all these things “doesn’t mata…it’s all about the mani”.

He has been uploading videos and pictures of how women “rush” him and getting a lot of funny reactions online. Shatta recently uploaded some photos of his new girlfriend. Says she is a “marmaid”, and a marmaid indeed!

The lady who seems to be a model is super beautiful and “way out of Shatta’s league” according to his followers. When asked about his former girlfriend, Shatta laughed loudly and said “I doesn’t keep one girlfriend. Kati here love me more”. Here is the power of money. Goodwill Akpabio once said “what money cannot do, more money can do”

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