70-year-old man arrested for insulting President Buhari in Katsina State sentenced to 18 months imprisonment

Court sentenced Izala, a 70 year old man arrested last week for insulting President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Aminu Masari 18 months imprisonment.

President Muhammadu Buhari and governor Aminu Masari. Although while Lawal was speaking to the journalists he said he did it out of anger and as a result of what bandits did to his cows. Bandits had killed his family members and his 15 cows.

While the court was delivering the judgement on the matter, the court found Izala guilty of two count charges:

1. inciting violence and

2. Disrespect for civil authorities.

He was then sentenced to six months jail term for the first charge and one year for the other charge.

However, Lawal Izala was later given the option to pay fine of ₦10,000 for the first charge and N20,000 for the second offence he committed.

It was latter gathered that some good spirited fellows in Katsina state have paid the N30,000 fine.

After the payment of the fine, the court ordered the release of Lawal Izala.

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