61-year-old man given 50 strokes of cane for peeping on a female tenant while she was bathing

A 61 year old man Ogunsanya Akintunde has met his waterloo after he was caught peeping on a woman taking her bath in the Bathroom.

While on the act he was caught by another tenant in the next compound who reported him

According to another tenant who spoke on anonymity” said this is the second time MR ogunsanya Akintunde will be doing that,this Saturday thing that make the Tenant pack out just few months she moved in

The suspect confessed that is the devil’s handwork, and because I was under influence of alcohol, I don’t know what Came over me, i really regret my actions And I’m very sorry and I promise i will not repeat my self anymore

He was however giving 50 strokes of cane to server as a warning to him.

Source: OperaNewsHub

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