Your biological father can’t speak English yet you insult Buhari – Lady blast Nigerians

After President Mohammed Buhari, addressed Nigerians on the Corona Virus Pandemic that has hit the country country hard, some Nigerians have still not gotten over some errors he made while reading the speech.

One of the mistakes he made when calling Covid-19 a different name entirely, he called it ‘Covik One Nine’, that caused Nigerians to take to their social media platforms to make a mockery of it, to the extent that it even trended on Twitter. Even though this is not the first time that the President is making such a mistake, Nigerians seem to have a habit of always picking faults in anything that President says.

But it seems like this lady, whose name is Olashile Abayomi-Wealth, is sick and tired of of the habit, that she had to take to her Twitter handle to address it:

“Some of you, una biological papa no fit (Your biological Father can not) construct one sentence in English and una dey laff the President wey don pass (And you are here, insulting the President, who is over) 75 years old because he didn’t pronounce a pandemic well…

I pray you live long to see his age..

Everything is banter to you all


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