You will be killed and I will participate; Muslim youths issues severe death threats to a former Muslim man for leaving Islam (Screenshots)

A Nigeria man named Mubarak Bala, who identifies himself as a Humanist being an Ex Muslim who believes that people should be free enough to hold religious beliefs or not hold any has received numerous death threats for leaving Islam.

He is an indigene of Kano state, and a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

Mubarak Bala have been a great critic of religious beliefs and this has put him in the black books of many radical Muslims who have sworn to hunt him down and eliminate him for blasphemy and desertion of their religion.

This extremists have continually reported his Facebook page and its been taken down several times but currently they have taken the fight to a notch further to a very dangerous level.

Some of them created a petition with to help put him off social media permanently while some of them are looking for his address to “visit” him.

His Facebook page is a beehive of activities of religious fanatics and fellow Humanist/atheist who daily engage themselves in verbal exchanges.

But the comments are becoming increasingly threatening as some fanatics see Mubarak as being more dangerous than boko haram for Leaving them.

But there is no compulsion in religion as many moderate Muslims do say and the constitution of Nigeria also ensures freedom of religion.

Take your time and read some of the exchanges and drop your views;

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