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You are old, go and get married and stop dressing like a p*rnstar – Troll slams Oge Okoye

A social media troll has slammed Oge Okoye after she shared pictures of herself which she captioned with a motivational message on Instagram.

The actress wrote: “Good people are like street lights along the roads…..They don’t make the distance short but they light up the path and make the walk EASY & SAFE…..Good morning glammies”.

The pictures which made Oge Okoye look young like a school girl didn’t fool a troll who reminded her that she’s old already.

He wrote: “You don’t know that you are old already, Abeg go and get married and settle down, not dressing like a p*rn star”.

Oge Okoye responded saying: ” I understand the outrage grandpa… Lockdown will be over soon”.

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