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Why must Africans reject a vaccine when they cannot produce any? – Bill Gates

Second world richest man, Bill Gates has shown anger to Africans for continuing to reject his proposed vaccine and not agreeing to test in Africa.

What on Earth and why will Africans Reject a vaccine when they know too well that they cannot produce any? So anytime I read how Africans rant on social media to condemn the vaccine about to the tested in Africa, I begin to think we have lost our value. What more can I say?

The medical scientists were only trying to help because they know our leaders are not willing to. Most of the vaccines being produced abroad are either funded by their government or billionaires.

For instance, I am sponsoring more than 10 different research institutes working day and night for the production of the Covid-19 vaccine. So also are many billionaires and millionaires in Europe and America who have we’ll established grants to help their researchers care out researches on the cure for the virus.

Now my question is, have you ever seen a wealthy African sponsor any research or scientific innovation in Africa? Never! Worst still, during election campaigns, they donate a lot of money to sponsor Political parties. Be sincere in your answers. Will you test your vaccine on someone who is sponsoring your research? No way. These scientists value their people because their people value them as well . Our own people do not value their own scientists. When given enough funding, many African scientists will produce a better vaccine and cure for Corona virus more than their foreign counterparts but our leaders will never do that. Instead, they will rather want us to be slaves to foreign powers.

If you cannot produce vaccine, and you refuse to sponsor your people to produce one, then you must submit yourself to have the vaccine tested in your country.

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