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“Welcome to gender equality”, reactions as British singer, Adele is ordered to pay £140million to her husband

British singer and song writer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, is the latest world celebrity in another divorce mess, as she has been ordered by the court to pay her husband a divorce settlement of £140 million.

The 31 your old mother of one and 6 times Grammy award winner has been married to 45 year old Simon Konecki since 2016, and both separated in 2019. Adele who is currently worth £190 million is being ordered to pay £140 million pounds to her estranged husband, and it’s sparking so much outrage on social media worldwide, with many describing it unacceptable and totally unfair.

But any have been arguing that it’s fair, because over the years, we have been used to the women taking half of everything the man have after a divorce, like the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, he settled his ex wife with the whooping sum of $30 billion, Tiger woods settled his ex wife with the sum of $110 million dollars.

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