We are only sharing money to the poorest Nigerians in the North because we don’t have poor people in South & East – Minister, Sadiya Farouk

The Honourable minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, Sadiya
Farouk, has stated that the Southerners and Easterners should not expect any money from the federal government.

Minister Sadiya said they have started cash transfer to poorest households in the country to cushion effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

The minister said only the poorest households will benefit from the federal government fund.

Sadiya Farouk said the Igbos and Southerners has people outside the country to help them so only the poor in the North will benefit.

“We are only sharing money to the poorest Nigerians in the North because we don’t have poor people in Southern and Eastern Nigeria they have people outside the country that is taking care of them so we are not going to South Nigeria”

14 Replies to “We are only sharing money to the poorest Nigerians in the North because we don’t have poor people in South & East – Minister, Sadiya Farouk

  1. It is only north that is in Nigeria, always doing good for north, remember that we both of us voted for the change, well our prayer will be answered oneday we will be in our own ijn amen

  2. Why showing concern only to the northerners we have poor people all over the country that is a sense of partiality and is no plzed with Allah ,show love to every be .sallam

  3. In civilized Countries things are not done as it is in Nigeria. Is this not an open hate action of the Northerners against the Southerners and the Easterners?This is an indication that NIGERIA is divided already.God help US YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE CHILDREN OF THE BOND WOMAN.

  4. There is no poor people in the east and southern Nigeria!!! So shall it be, we shall know no poverty in our lives in Jesus name. Let the north share the money and remain poor for ever. Amen

  5. This is not right and it is very divisive. We have poor people everywhere even in Abuja FCT, It should be equitable. This is Federal Funds and Not Sectional and as a Federal Minister you should have the interest of every Section of the Federation covered as your office entails.

  6. Why are u people bothering urself. God knows what to do to d wicked. Who will ever believe that Corona will surface one day and start from d politicians?

  7. At a time like this when the country is suppose to unite for a common goal against corona ,it is unfortunate someone in such a position will hijack what is meant for every Nigeria to her own siblings. In doing so, she has sown a tribal seed of discord bewteen north and south for posterity

    1. I really don’t believe that any of the ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will utter such a dividing statements as allegedly credited to the minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. But it would be devilish and mean if the minister actually said so and meant it in action. If the north has such additional agenda will it not be better for them to carry it out underground rather than doing it in the open with such an impunity? To start with, she should be reminded that the bulk of the money we are talking about here were generated from the crude oil from the soil of the southners. Therefore, such an action is as equal as adding salt to an injury. Given the status and the expected delivery, it will be so unfortunate if such a dividing crisis generating statement was said by the minister who should know better as one of the strategic leaders in the country. Execution of such planned action as alleged will only amount to wickedness, cheating with impunity and disrespect for our togetherness as a nation. Anyway, there are issues to raise and questions to ask from the alleged comments, however that will be handled as the events unfold on the issue. But before then permit me to ask or to reconfirm these (I do not want to trust my memories or ask google): Please, where is she from? What was her background and how much of exposure does she had before she was nominated and appointed as a minister? All of these are gamane in tackling the sadden development. In conclusion, considering the magnitude of this matter and it’s implications on our existing love and unity, we are then interested in knowing the position(s) of the senators and members of house representative from southern parts of Nigeria on this matter? Also, we want to know the stand of the southerners in the executive council on this devilish development? Lastly, what is the constitutional provisions on a matter like this?

  8. She must be most useless public office holder we have never heard of in this country. If truly we are fighting corruption, this lady should be throw out of public office. No wonder why she does not have husband.

  9. This woman Sadiq is not a mother but useless human being. People were crying for hunger in Lagos and other parts of the could try. You claimed there are no.poor in the South. This is the change we are waiting for oooooo.

  10. This is total nonsense, why will you say it’s only d northerners that are poor. So that is why she didn’t pay d Npower their stipends too. U said d northerners are poor so shall it be for u and ur co-notherners. Everyone is hungry for food here in Lagos and u are sharing money meant for everyone in Nigeria to only ur people in d north. God will Judge ooooo. Sadiya Farouk, U are such a heartless woman. Ur Punishment awaits u so watch out for it

  11. Truth be told, people like this are the real problem Nigerian is facing. If not for the level of impartiality in this country, why would a callous woman such as this be made to occupy a sensitive position in the country. People like this should be left isolated to their fate. Evil!

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