The man whose picture was tied in a Juju bag has been identified and he’s a Pastor (Photos)

Evil have taken more than half of the earth, we keep hearing people confessing daily of their atrocities that they have committed when been caught.

Fews days back A Facebook user identified as @Asuquo Asoquo Udoma published a post which he captioned that anyone who knows Nyome (the man on the passport photograph) should go tell him to thank the most high for he have been saved luckily.

According to the post published by Asuquo Asoquo Udoma on Facebook, he said they found a bag which is believed to be a cellophane bag containing some fetish material and the passport photograph of a man identified as Nyome.

According to him the bag was left behind in a Keke by an unidentified lady, the Keke driver was said to have dumped the bag on the road after he found it.

Asuquo Udoma who later found it was surprised with what he found inside, without been told he knew it was something evil which lead to him burning the items in other to reverse the purpose for the items if been used already.

If you would look closely you will find out that the items found in the bag includes, an image in human form, wire, thread, 2 rubber bottols containing liquid, a middle, red cloth, black cellophane and other fetish materials.

According to the post, this man is truely lucky but to some extent because if he is not inform on time and proper steps are not taking on time the lady who was said to have forgotten these items will go ahead to look for substitute to this items in other to archive her goal, people who travels down this evil road are mainly desperate to archive their purpose or aim.

The man whose passport photograph was found in the bag happens to be a pastor with the name Nyone Labatom. There’s no doubt why the evil plan was averted, touch not my anointed the Bible says.

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