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Starting from 1720, every 100 years, there has been a Plague that threatens the world and kills lots of people

It seems that once in 100 years the world is devastated by a pandemic. The last recent pandemics we can mention are the following:

In the year 1720 plague, in the year 1820 cholera outbreak and the most recent pandemic was the Spanish flu of 1920. The researchers said that all of these pandemics we mentioned above have exactly the same pattern as the coronavirus outbreak in China. However, the precision with which these pandemics occur at exactly 100 years of age makes us think better about this topic. Are these pandemics somehow artificially created by a malicious organisation? In 1720 there was a deadly pandemic of bubonic plague. It started in Marseille and was later called “The Great Plague of Marseille.”

The researchers estimated the number of deaths as 100,000. In 1820 the first cholera pandemic occurred, somewhere in Asia. Among the affected countries, we can list Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. And this pandemic has killed about the same number of people. About 100,000 officially registered deaths. The main reason for the infection is the consumption of water from lakes infested with this killer bacterium.

In 1920 one of the most unrelenting pandemics occurred. This is the Spanish flu that has infected about half a billion people and killed 100 million. The Spanish flu holds the official record for the deadliest pandemic officially recorded in history.

See the image of the various plague and global disease since 1720


It is now 2020. At the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Influenza, humanity is facing a new potential pandemic called coronavirus. Although the Chinese authorities were reluctant to make official statements and appealed for calm, the situation deteriorated rapidly.

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