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So bucket and water is the only thing you can give back to your community? – Nigerians drags Desmond Elliot

Nollywood actor cum politician, Desmond Elliot has received severe backlash from Nigerians after he shared the picture of the buckets and water that he provided for his community to fight Covid-19.

Desmond Elliot contested and won a seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly to represent Surulere constituency in 2015. Before he went into politics, he had a lot of fans as an actor.

In a bid to tackle the novel virus, the politician provided buckets and water to serve the members of his constituency. According to him, he provided them because he wants people in the streets and passersby to be able to wash their hands before they go into the streets.

He wrote;

“We provided a makeshift cleansing mechanism, so that people entering streets could wash their hands with soap and water and also sanitize before entering the streets -pilot works can be seen in these areas. It is located across the environments. Olodeokuta, Ojuelegbe both sides, love garding, Hugan Bassy, Masha bus stop, Shirts bus stop, Adelabu, Iponri, Bode Thomas and ishaga road.”

This post didn’t go down well with his followers at all. Many of them emphasized that the politician should be ashamed of himself for sharing the pictures of the buckets and water that he provided for his constituents. Most of them stated that they expected Elliot to do more for his constituents. However, In the midst of some of the negative comments, some people still applauded the politician for his effort.

See some of the reactions below;

@okesema_saywa wrote, “So this ( bucket and soap) is what you can give back to your community bro…Not even a gigantic structure that will remain permanent…Naija una never see anything.” (sic)

@brickson241 wrote, “Shame to Nigerian politician and rich men, common running water we don’t have ….small Gambia has light and water everywhere.” (sic)

@veeveeify wrote, “This is so sad. Imagine what a constituency project looks like. And they had time to print posters for it. Smh.” (sic)

@Joydonrich wrote, “I honestly love this, but my question is won’t people get infected by touching the tap to on the water.” (sic)

@1Slimmadam wrote, “We hear. God bless you. At least you better pass the ones for my side, we don’t have any support, nobody has shared anything. But why you put your face for everywhere.” (sic)

@4lzy wrote, “Rubbish.. shame no dey catch you ni.. Beside dirty gutter..” (sic)

@_iykeofficial wrote, “It’s quite disheartening that a bucket is serving a community populace. Well, it’s the way the country has turned us into. What do we know?”

@this_is_oma wrote, “Great idea but why did you keep them close to each other! You’re ahonourable and more educated than this people, please keep them 2 meters apart! The 2 meters rules more important than washing hand.” (sic)

@kung_carter wrote, “Honestly I am soo disappointed that my own country doesn’t understand how to prevent this virus. Where is the social distancing, people touching and washing their hands?”

@officialyoungkcee wrote, “Good job my best actor wey turn politician God bless you sir.” (sic)

@tony_perfect1 wrote, “I love what you are doing you are a man with a good heath bros keep up this hard times will soon pass away stay safe. It is good and your encouraging that.”

@Ms_Mercy_J wrote, “Desmond Elliot finds a lot of fulfillment in embarrassing himself and promoting mediocrity. He is a clown and won’t stop showing it.”

@voiceofhope wrote, “It is obvious those lovely films from Desmond Elliot may not actually be created by him. Menh if he could come up with this nonsense idea man is a scam. Except it is a case of if you can’t beat them you will join them in politics. Even bubu can do better than this.” (sic)

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