See Abba Kyari’s beautiful daughter and the juicy office she occupies in government

As the daughter of Buhari’s Chief of staff, Nigerians should not expect her to work in a small low earning form or company, considering the fact that children of the Elites in Nigeria always have the Juicy places to work while this is the masses to suffer series of job hunt.

Aisha Abba Kyari, being the daughter of President Buhari’s Chief of staff was appointment as an Assistant Vice President at the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA).

Although the appointment came with alot of controversies as to why she was the “only qualified candidate” if not for political influence, but the the agency came out to debunk that alleged speculations that it has nothing to do with political influence.

Two board members with knowledge of the appointment process told per second news that her recruitment did not violate or contravene the set recruitment process at the NSIA, which clearly has a robust and stringent recruitment policy that had enabled it to continue to retain world class talents.

A civil rights organization, coalition against corruption and bad governance (CACOBAG) had alleged that Abba Kyari’s daughters appointment has violates set procedures at the NSIA, and that her position was not advertised and that she did not merit the criteria for appointment.

Titilope Olubiyi, Head, Corporate Communications at NSIA also said all reports attributed to NSIA directors in a media report “are also entirely false”.

He said “the clear mischief in the report can be seen in the very false and unsubstantiated statement it contains: The report claims that Assistant Vice President is the highest level in the Organisation’. This is not only false, but mischievous given AVP1 is the 9th level out of NSIA’S 22-level grading system.

This report further claims that Aisha Abba Kyari was given a car 6 months ahead, when the position does not entitle the staff to a car in the first place. In fact, she will require 2 promotion cycles to qualify for a car entitlement.

The report also claims that the candidate’s package was N32m, which is also false”.

The NSIA says Ms Abba Kyari’s recruitment was based on her academic qualification, international and local work experience.

“She also went through an interview process that all staff in her level must pass through, before she was found worthy of the appointment, NSIA maintained.

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