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Reason why Singapore loves mosquitoes and every other countries kills mosquitoes

Everybody wants to kill Mosquitoes but in Singapore they create Mosquitoes and spread them in the millions to fly free in the Country.

The first thing in your mind is why are they doing this?! And did they go crazy?, Well they did not.

For the first time ever I want to show you how Singapore fight mosquitoes, for those that don’t know mosquitoes aren’t just annoying they are also deadly.

Many females mosquitoes have a virus called Dengue virus and just like malaria you can get dengue from a mosquito bite and in severe cases you could Die.

Between 50 and 500 million people get Dengue every year and 10 to 20 thousand people die from a mosquito bite, so if you want to eliminate dengue you must kill all the dengue mosquitoes everywhere, but they are hard to find and therefore hard to kill.

Well a team of researchers in Singapore came up with an idea like “What If We Stop Mosquitoes From Having Babies?” And that’s exactly what they did.

They created a new type of mosquitoes that is so strong that it can go out there and find the bad mosquitoes and stop them from having babies.

This is as crazy as it’s sounds, this new mosquito doesn’t bite or hurt you at all, this good mosquitoes falls in love with the bad mosquito and the bad mosquito will no longer be able to have kids.

No new babies no new mosquitoes ‘GENIUS’ so Singapore created millions of these good mosquitoes and put them in a mosquito Gun and blasted them to Neighborhoods, Rooftops, Gardens, Everywhere.

the good mosquitoes mated with the bad ones and they could no longer reproduce. But in no time, all the mosquitoes, good and bad will die naturally without having any kids.

Whoever said love kills was not wrong! because this is literally how Singapore is fighting the Dengue virus, Dengue mosquitoes drop significantly by more than 90% and saved man residents from the virus threat.

This ingenious method is such a success and they are opening a Mosquito Factory in Singapore just to fight Dengue virus. This factory is so advanced it can create tens of thousands of good mosquitoes every single day.

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