Photos of Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai serving troops food in Borno state

‪Some Nigerians could not contain their feelings as the new photos of the chief of Army, Buratai floods the social media space.

Some Nigerians mocked that the Chief should focus on his job which is to plot the defeat of Boko Haram as seeing him serve food appears more political than soldierly patriotism.

One of the comments made by Prince Joseph Emeka slammed the poster Tokunbo AremoOdua over the health implications of having soldiers cluster in such manner when President Muhammadu Buhari has order for social distancing. Emeka asked what would happen if one of the soldiers was mistakenly infected with COVID-19. Below is Emeka’s comment.

Some others saw the gesture as moral booster and active service and prayed that God protect Nigerian Army in war against Boko Haram and give Nigeria victory.

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