Old women battle ready with their cutlass as 10 million boys attack surulere in Lagos

#surulere trends on twitter as Surulere community, Aguda and Ijesha call for help as they get attacked by the dreaded robbery gang, popularly known as “1 Million Boys”.

The attack is happening right after Surulere residents received a letter from the robbery group of an impromptu a visit to their neighbourhood.

Different robberies have been recorded in Lagos and Ogun State since the Coronavirus lockdown was enforced.

Few hours before the attack, Some old women in the community were seen equipped with their cutlass.

The police have deployed officers to Coker Aguda following reports of attacks and shootings in the area.

Sharing photos of police patrolling the area, the Lagos State Police Command tweeted: “Police officers from RRS and divisions around Area C are presently at Coker Aguda to quell the unrest caused by miscreants in that area. Heavy patrols and combing of inner streets are also being carried out to fish out the perpatrators.

“Residents are advised to remain calm as the situation is under control.”

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