Nigerian man renounce his citizenship after he received Canadian Coronavirus palliative

A Nigerian man living in Canada has renounced his citizenship after Canadian government gave him palliative.

While the Coronavirus pandemic keeps spreading, Canadian government has given $2,290 to all citizen, this prompted a Nigerian  man who also benefited from the palliative to renounce his citizenship.

He revealed that all Canadian citizens have already received $2,000 before and today they have received another $290 as support.

The man announced Canada as his home as he described home as where leaders care about citizens not where you were born.

He also disclosed that Nigerian government has told them to come back home, that Nigerian government will bear their flights costs.

He said: ” Few days ago, we received a deposit of $2,000 from d Govt of can 🇨🇦, today we got another cheque of $290 as support. Meanwhile, all Nigerian Govt could say was come back home, I will bear the flight cost. Home ain’t where you were born. Home is where d leaders care abt you”

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