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Nigerian Army issue stern warning to comedians and skit makers

The Nigerian military has issued what can be tagged a stern warning to Nigerians concerning making comic videos and comedy skits that portray it in a very bad light.

In a statement released by the Defense Headquarters in Abuja few hours ago, the army warned Nigerians generally, particularly comedians and individuals who make comedy skits to desist from making skits that project men of the Nigerian army as lawless, brutal and harsh on people flouting the stay at home order pursuant to the lock down and stay at home directives imposed in some states in Nigeria.

The army went ahead to state that such comic relief skits make a wrong impression and public perception of its officers negatively, projecting them as undisciplined and brutal.

According the Army HQ, as against the tenets of the institution which preaches discipline, good training and dedication in discharging its constituted duties with utmost regards for human right; comedians paint its personnel in the opposite light.

Most importantly, the army stated in its press release that most comedy skits being circulated on social media tend to affect the morale of its troops negatively and has broad implication for national security.

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