My husband likes kiss*ng our 15-year-old daughter deeply and I’m beginning to get uncomfortable – Woman cries out

People say that the bound between fathers and daughters is always very deep but I am having a very bad feeling about this.

My husband recently started this habit of kiss*ng our daughter so often, now kiss*ng isn’t really my problem but the fact that he kisses her deeply us becoming a worry to me.

There was a day I jokingly told him it wasn’t cool to do that, all he could say was “she is my daughter and I can do anything with her”.

Of course, I laughed it off but something told me this may become a problem soon.

My daughter has grown to become a very beautiful young girl and she takes after me, we look much like each other.

I am gradually getting uncomfortable, many nights he ends up sleeping in our daughter’s room and for a while I didn’t see it as a problem but since the night he made that statement, my instinct has been bugging me that something may be wrong somewhere.

I am living with my husband and our daughter in Owerri. My name us Mrs. Funke Biodun.

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