Men who give their wives 5K per month for her hair is worst than Nigeria Economy – Man blows hot

Recently on social media, a Nigerian man has said that men who give their wife N5k as monthly allowance for hair despite earning well are worse than Nigeria’s economy.

Read his post below;

“i hate it when I meet a girl I like and she tells me she spends 5k/month to make her hair.

so all the money I’ll be making is for what na?

like how do you do it?

N5k for what exactly? Ori abi hair comb?!

women come naturally expensive to maintain and I mean that in a good way.

if you can’t maintain one, please don’t have one.

Get a man instead, they’re cheaper!

There is a tin line between luxurious and expensive btw.

know your reasonable limits.

if your a man that earns and even earns well and you give your woman N5k/month for hair, you’re worse than Nigeria’s economy.

Don’t hide under the guise of looking for ” wife material ” to enslave a woman in this modern times.

Review the budget or let her go!


Unamused face

if you’re a woman and your man (who earns and earns well) give you N5k for your hair, you’re a bigger part of other women’s problem.

yiur the reason other men think women are cheaper to keep. Your the woman bringing other women down.


you think your being a wife material. The truth is, your rather being stupid. Your not fulfilling God’s plan for your life.

suffering is not part of HIS plan for you.

Sit him down, talk to him to review the budget.

Even though you earn too and do not necessarily need the money, still take it and give someone else who does.

Your expensive to keep, its in your nature. Know your worth!”.

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