Meet Taiwo Lawal, the first blind photographer in Africa

Being physically challenged doesn’t imply that you cannot do something productive with your life, in fact being disabled in the real sense of it lies in your ability to do nothing.

Taiwo who is from Ondo state Nigeria was blind from birth alongside her twin side. She faced a lot of challenges while growing up due to her physical disability, and she has never at any point allowed her situation to weigh her down.

Taiwo Lawal who serves as a motivation to other people that are physically challenged by becoming Africa’s first blind photographer.

She made that which seems to be impossible to become possible when she saw the potential in her to become a photographer. Although, you might start to wonder how possible it was for a blind person. She saw beyond her physical disability.

She learnt the trade of photography from Seun Akinsanmi who run a photography academy (Elophotos). Taiwo judges the look of the pictures she snaps with her instinct, and she believes all are good shots.

She won an award at the International Day of Persons Living with Disabilities, which was held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

For someone who was also ridiculed many times in public places, she could have resigned to her fate but instead, she chose to work on her limitations to make something of herself – joining the community of photographers to challenge those who can see.

The human spirit gives ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. One way to ignite this passion and jumpstart a happier and healthier lifestyle is to do someone that is productive like Taiwo Lawal.

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